Zymbol Wrap & Tuck Bracelet

Zymbol Wrap & Tuck BraceletZymbol was ‘accidentally’ created when company Founder Sally Short was doodling, and wrote down the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED' stacking each letter on top of the next, and then adding a peace sign to complete the design.

LOVE IS ALL U NEEDWomen's Wrap and Tuck Pewter Bracelet – Black This is a one size fits all adjustable bracelet. Comprised of pewter with a stylish & durable colored cord.

Zymbol Wrap & Tuck BraceletThe Zymbol Wrap & Tuck Bracelet is very stylish and can be worn by anyone. My son and I share wearing this bracelet as we both like wearing it. I like how adjustable and very durable the bracelet is. I love everything the Zymbol stands for. I have done a previous review on a Zymbol necklace. If your looking for a one of a kind gift then look no further. Zymbol is a gift that will anyone will love to own.

For every Zymbol you purchase, we GIFT an acrylic pendant to a child in the hospital.

You can connect with Zymbol on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

Disclaimer: I got the Zymbol bracelet free to do this product review & giveaway and was not paid for my response.

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4 thoughts on “Zymbol Wrap & Tuck Bracelet

  1. I haven’t seen these bracelets before (I’ve seen similar, but not with the “luv” message and peace sign intertwined)! It’s very unique and would make a nice gift! I also love that it’s pewter and adjustable!

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